Our history...

Treasures of innovation can be hidden behind the artist's work. Along with the work itself, the technical modalities linked to its design or implementation deserve our interest. If a work always addresses a questioning of different components: aesthetic, societal ... we believe that the design process, however humble it may be, can also speak to us collectively. 

With the project of bringing street art into galleries, Moun has developed a whole new concept: a concrete wall, exterior and ephemeral, can be framed and placed inside. To obtain such a result, a remarkable process of molding and then of authentic restitution on a wooden frame has been meticulously developed. 

These graffiti "wall paintings" have become an integral part of his work, but are also conceived as independent objects. A concept then emerged: the use by other artists. For this innovative support, a patent has been filed and La Toile Mur becomes accessible to all 

The Concrete block wall canvas is only the beginning, we are interested in other forms and materials, but also in striking walls, through their stories and the relationships they have with their environment, through the dialogues with the works that 'they will be able to endure. We perceive now that this is an additional artistic level. 

Beyond the creation and its medium itself, the wall paintings will also have an independent existence, as an object of design or as an element of interior architecture. Whether painted, far from their original universe, or used as a print medium. 

So the era of the wall has arrived! the story has only just begun ....

The artist and creator of La Toile Mur: https://moun.fr   


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